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Mold: Introduction for Insurance Agents
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Welcome to "Mold: Introduction for Insurance Agents"

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Course introduction

Course objective: To learn the basics of mold.

Mold is found almost everywhere. It appears in 35% of commercial buildings and 50% of schools. It is a natural equalizer that is essential to maintaining balance in the ecosystem. Nevertheless, mold has been blamed for serious illness and death.

Mold has become the hot topic in insurance in recent years for several reasons:
  • Increased litigation
  • High costs of remediation from $10K up into the millions!
  • Increased public awareness
  • High testing costs (as an example, testing of one school building cost $50,000)

    In this course, you will learn about the basics of mold through the following topics:
  • What is mold?
  • Recommendations
  • Recent mold cases and legislation
  • The Ballard Case
  • Mold legislation

    We recommend that you take our entire series on mold--the online courses and exams are free! You only pay for the CE processing.

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