LunchTimeCE Corporate Solutions

LunchTimeCE has created Corporate Accounts in order to
provide agencies with simplicity, convenience, and insight
to their employees' continuing education.

LunchTimeCE Corporate Accounts:
  • Offer Tracking and Reporting Features
  • Simplify Your Accounting Process
  • Provide Ease-of-Use for Students
  • Save You Time and Money
A LunchTimeCE Corporate Account, which can be set up within 24 hours, provides your company with value-added reporting capabilities and ease-of-use for students.

About Corporate Accounts

LunchTimeCE Corporate Accounts can provide you with a valuable management system free-of-charge for managing CE requirements of your staff.

Tracking and Reporting Features. Easily monitor employee progress, completion, and performance in fulfilling their LunchTimeCE credits. A full description of the Reports can be found below.

Simplify Your Accounting Process. Our easy-to-read quarterly statements provide all your LunchTimeCE expenses in one place. No more issuing hundreds of checks nor reconcling hundreds of receipts.

Ease-of-Use for Students. Your employee simply takes a LunchTimeCE course and exam, selects the "Corporate" button as the payment method and enters your account information. It's as simple as that.

Saves You Time and Money. Manage the "unmanageability" of fulfilling CE requirements at LunchTimeCE's always same low price.

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Experience the Robust
Tracking and Reporting Features

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More Information
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  • Reports Available with a LunchTimeCE Corporate Account

    LunchTimeCE offers your company the ability to view reports online through the Corporate Accounts Interface at any time that is convenient for you.

    LunchTimeCE Standard Reports are provided at no extra charge to companies with Corporate Accounts. There are also several Advanced Reports that can be ordered and accessed online for a fee. LunchTimeCE Custom Reports can also be developed to meet your particular reporting needs.

    The Standard Reports include:

    Detailed CE Usage: Provides data on how many credits have been issued, by whom, for which course, and on which date. It offers various sorting features.

    Daily CE Usage Count: Displays a summary of daily account usage, and can be sorted by date or volume of traffic.

    Student List: Displays a list of all students who have used LunchTimeCE to obtain their CE credits. The list can be sorted by upcoming license expiration dates or name.

    CE Certificates: Individual CE certificates for students who have taken LunchTimeCE courses can be accessed and printed at anytime.

    Report Cards: Displays performance and completion data for students who have taken LunchTimeCE courses. This report includes courses they passed or failed, their grade, when completed, and how many tries it took.

    LunchTimeCE Advanced Reports are available to provide further data that may be of use, depending on the how you manage your CE training. New reports are being introduced regularly. Pricing is dependent on the size of the account and volume of data.

    Student Usage Summary: Provides information on which students are using LunchTimeCE the most to fulfill their CE requirement, and how promptly they are earning the credits prior to their renewal date.

    Most Popular Courses: Provides information on which courses were most popular with your staff and the average grade per course, which is helpful in determining their strengths and areas that need improvement.

    Advanced Grading: Extends beyond the Report Card standard report and provides summary information on questions frequently answered incorrectly by your staff, courses in which your staff scored the highest and lowest grades, and student averages from highest achievers down.

    LunchTimeCE Custom Reports can be generated to suit your particular track and reporting needs. Raw data is also available if you wish to design reports internally.