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Pre-purchased CE points are an ideal way to save even more on your CE costs! Set up user account with pre-paid points and you'll pay less and spend less time with the one-click checkout.

Simply purchase points and you're all set. When you complete an exam and are ready to pay, click the Accounts button and your account will be instantly debited and your CE certificate will be ready for printing immediately and, in required states, your CE credit will be off to the Department of Insurance. Points are non-transferable.

How Much Do I Save?

  • Get 30 Points for $400 (Save $50!)
  • Get 12 Points for $165 (Save $15!)
  • Get 6 Points for $85 (Save $5!)

    You're going to have to purchase CE this year anyway, so why not save money by buying LunchTimeCE pre-paid points, discounted below our already low prices?

    To purchase points, complete the form below and click the Pay button.
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  • Coupons
    Purchase coupons for exam fees to manage your office's CE needs, to reward staff, or simply to save money.

    LunchTimeCE coupons make an ideal item for local associations to provide their members. Check with yours today!

    Discounts for bulk purchases are available.
    E-mail coupons@lunchtimeCE.com for information.

    Corporate Accounts
    Here's the perfect solution for mid-sized to large insurance businesses. Corporate accounts provide your company with substantial discounts on fees, a quick payment system, and tracking and reporting of students.

    For information, contact LunchTimeCE at corpsales@lunchtimeCE.com.