About LunchTimeCE, Inc.

Company Overview

LunchTimeCE, Inc. provides continuing education (CE) credits for insurance agents and brokers over the Internet. Our e-learning platform and offering are right-for-market, created specifically to meet the particular needs of our target audience.

LunchTimeCE is comprised of a streamlined team with a background in e-learning, technology, insurance training, and management. Through our affiliation with Insurance Skills Center (ISC), a leading insurance education provider on the West Coast, we are able to offer the highest quality content.

LunchTimeCE saves our clients time and money: Effective online learning is not only engaging, it is cost-effective and expedient, as well. In fact, our courses and assessments are free! Agents and brokers only pay for the processing of their CE ($15 per one-hour course, which is far below the average price range for CEs) and can complete their CE requirements at their desks at their own pace--whenever it is convenient for them to take one of our courses, 24 hours a day--rather than having to travel to scheduled classroom workshops. LunchTimeCE is faster, cheaper, better than its competitors.

LunchTimeCE is headquartered in San Francisco, California.