Getting Started: California Ethics Requirement CE Courses

The California Code of Regulations requires Fire and Casualty broker-agents and Life agents to complete four hours of ethics training during their two-year license term. Personal Lines broker-agents are required to complete two hours of ethics training during their two-year license term.

  • The 4 CE Ethics requirement has been divided into 4 courses.
  • Each course is 1 hour and approved for 1 CE credit. You must receive a grade of 70% or better on the ten question multiple choice exam.
  • You can take the exam as many times as you need to achieve a passing grade.
  • Each course costs $10.00, or if you purchase pre-paid points, all four courses are only $30 ($7.50 each).
  • For more information on pre-paid points, click here.
Once you are ready to begin, please click any of the course titles below. While the courses can be taken in any order, it is recommended that you take them in the order they are listed below.

  • Ethics: An Introduction
  • Ethics: Personal Fundamentals
  • Ethics: Professional Fundamentals
  • Ethics: Responsibilities, Obligations, and Codes

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